Safety and hygiene rules during Coronavirus

In order to comply with Government and LTA recommendations, all players must follow these safety and hygiene rules:

  • Do not access the courts if you are self isolating or showing symptoms such as fever or cough or if you have been advised by the NHS to self-isolate (i.e. you are in a vulnerable group)
  • By request of the Parish Council, tennis courts should be locked at all times. Please ensure all gates are locked when you leave the court
  • Only singles games allowed with 2 players per court. Members of the same household only are allowed to play doubles
  • Maintain social distancing at all times: do not enter the courts if all 3 courts are in use and allow players to exit the court before you enter; change ends at opposite sides of the net and maintain distance with players on other courts
  • Bring your own sanitiser to clean your hands, especially before and after touching any equipment such as gates and padlocks. Use gloves if possible and dispose of them responsibly
  • Bring your own equipment and do not share (racket, hats, towel, water bottle etc.)
  • Use separate balls for each player. Mark them if necessary and only serve with, and pick up, your own designated balls
  • Do not touch anything on the court such as fence, nets etc. Sanitise your hands if you accidentally do
  • Use your sanitiser to clean your racket and hands before and after play
  • Please free your court after 45′ if other players are waiting
  • Please take any rubbish with you and dispose of wipes, gloves etc. responsibly
  • Leave the nets as you find them i.e. do not loosen and do not hook / un-hook them
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wash your hands when you get home
  • And most importantly, enjoy your game of tennis!
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