Court Access and Booking

Location and Parking

Pangbourne Tennis Club is located at the Pangbourne Recreation Ground (map), access via Thames Avenue, Pangbourne RG8 7BU. If you drive to the Club, please be aware that the car park is locked after 8pm, or 9pm from May to September. Also, please note that the car park can be very busy at certain times e.g. Saturday when other clubs use the recreation ground. Alternative parking (pay and display) is available nearby.


By request of the Parish Council and due to the Coronavirus situation, the courts are locked with combination padlocks to restrict access other than permitted play. The codes are changed monthly and access details are communicated to full members by email and WhatsApp. Monthly members will receive an email only. Please note that once you have set the 4-digit code you need to push the button at the base of the padlock to open the shackle.

Ensure that you familiarise yourself with our safety and hygiene rules during Coronavirus and please lock all padlocks when you leave.

Booking System

In 2020 we launched an online booking system to provide visibility of courts utilisation and allow members to book in advance. All full and monthly members have received an email with instructions on how to register for and access the system. Please also visit the Club Activities Calendar page to see when courts are reserved for club activities such as coaching.

Please note that:

  • Members need to register with their own sign-in details in order to make bookings
  • The system can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Members can only book up to 2 weeks in advance (1 week for monthly members)
  • Members can book slots for up to 2 hours (1h30 on evenings and week-ends)
  • The 2 limitations above do not apply to Club Admin, Coach and Team Captains
  • Booking details such as names and contact details are not visible to other members, only to self
  • Club bookings such as coaching or tournaments will appear as “Internal booking” whereas all other bookings will show as “user booking”
  • The system sends a confirmation email which serves as proof of booking
  • Booked members will have priority over un-booked players when arriving at the courts
  • The courts are not numbered. The single court appears on the booking system as “Main Court – near clubhouse” whilst the 2 paired courts appear as “Adjoining Courts – Near Court” and “Adjoining Courts – Far Court”

Please use the contact form below if you are a member and have not received the invitation email to the booking system:

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