Box Leagues

We are running our popular singles “box leagues” again this year, where members can play friendly matches in groups of around 6 players. We typically run men’s, ladies and junior leagues and welcome everyone of all standards to get involved.

Box League format

Adult box leagues are groups of around 6 players or pairs of similar standard who play each other over 2-set matches. The starter and junior leagues play just one set. Juniors should be confident playing with standard balls. See below for more details on the rules.

Box league participants are invited to contact each other and arrange their friendly matches over a period of 2 or 3 months. As a result we typically run several box league cycles each season.

How to participate in box leagues

First, let us know you are interested when you complete the membership form as part of your membership registration. There is a section to capture your interests in various activities. The Committee will then contact all members and organise a number of men’s, ladies and junior box leagues, singles and possibly doubles, based on the number of interested members.

If you are keen to participate in box leagues and have joined mid-season, or have not been contacted after your initial membership registration, please let us know by filling the contact form below.

Rules for the adult leagues

  • Each match consists of  two sets with a 7-point tie-break in case of one set all. Starter league and juniors play one set only, with a 7-point tie-break in of 6 games each
  • The winning player or pair receives one point and is responsible for posting the results using the template provided
  • Players must abide by the guidelines for safe play including applicable Covid-19 rules
  • Players agree to share their mobile numbers and email addresses with the other members in their league to arrange matches
  • All matches to be completed by a set date (usually 2 to 3 months from the start date)
  • Tip: box league participants can create a WhatsApp group for their league, making it easier to arrange matches and keep track of results

Question about Box Leagues?

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