Enter the 2022 Club Championship Now!

For the first time in 15 years, this summer we are running a traditional club championship!

Enter now and maybe you will be the proud recipient of the Championship Trophy and have your name added to the roll of honour in the club house.

There are men’s and ladies singles, men’s and ladies doubles and mixed doubles categories. You can enter the doubles competitions even if you don’t have a partner lined up – the club will do its best to match you with another member. It’s a knock-out tournament, but everyone who enters will play at least two matches – first round losers compete in the Plate competition.

Complete this form to enter – entries close on Wednesday 15th June and the draw takes place on Friday 17th June at 7pm.

There’s a small entrance fee of £5 per player per competition. The surplus after the costs of running the championship will support club development.

Read more for all the details about the Championships.

Why enter?

  • You will be supporting the club
  • It’s a chance to play at least two matches, maybe against members you have not played before
  • The draw may be kind to you and you get further into the competition you might have thought
  • You might win!  the prize is a trophy to keep for a year and your name immortalised on the board!

The details

  • There will be competitions for the following categories:
    • Men’s singles
    • Ladies singles
    • Men’s doubles
    • Ladies doubles
    • Mixed doubles
  • Members can enter both singles and doubles categories – potentially three categories (singles, doubles and mixed)
  • Both players in a doubles partnership must complete an entry form
  • Members who would like to play in the doubles (men’s, ladies and mixed) but have not found a partner are encouraged to sign up and the committee will do their best to match players.
  • Our older juniors are very welcome to enter the men’s and ladies competitions – there is no age limit at either end of the spectrum!
  • Each match will be the best of two sets, with a 7 point tie break at 6 games all in either set. At one set all, a 10 point championship tiebreak will decide the winner.
  • The winning player is responsible for communicating the result to the organisers.
  • The format for the singles competition is multi-round knock-out draw, the number of rounds depending on the number of players. If there are 32 players in the draw, there will be 2 rounds followed by quarter, semi and final matches.
  • The format for the doubles tournaments will depend on the number of players. If there are sufficient pairs, a straight forward knock-out tournament will be run. Otherwise, there will be a round robin stage followed by a finals match.
  • All first round losers will be entered into the Plate competition, which will also run as a knock-out tournament. This means that every entrant will play at least two matches, either in a knock-out tournament or a round robin.
  • There is a small fee to enter (£5 per player per category). This will cover the costs of providing the trophies and sign writing for the board as well as raising funds to support club development. 
  • Once the draw has been made, it will be up to members to arrange the date and time of their match and book the court. Allow at least 90 minutes for a two-set match.
  • Members will provide their own balls for the their matches. The club will provide the balls for finals day.
  • Detailed rules regarding organising the matches, defaults etc will be published before the tournament starts.

The Timetable

  • Entries are open now and close on Wednesday 15th June – so don’t delay in organising your partner for the doubles and entering for both the singles and doubles tournaments.
  • The draw will take place on Friday 17th June at 7pm – just before social doubles.
  • Dates for completion of each round will be published on Friday 17th June 
  • The aim is to hold the finals for all the categories in September and present the trophies to the winners at the end of season tournament on Sunday 18th Sept.

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